This should be an inspiration to turn off Google inc. *twinkle

Maybe at first you should put on your favorite dj set or playlist – it’s gonna take a while

There are two things I’ve in mind to refer about:

  1. our phone we use daily and is full of informations “the information bomb”
  2. and the place where our phone is connected to, like cloud or backup system

LineageOS mostly Google free OS of Googles powerful OS brand ‘Android’ – yes it’s contradict!

Check for LineageOS able devices!

For the fist its easy to say there is no full Google free solution working in the all day using jet. LineageOS or CyanogenMod are still using Googles Kernel

Here you could argue with Apple IPhones, what is as well a matter of trust – I’ve the greater benefit with the phone I use Galaxy S5 cause of the Qualcomm Chipset:

latest TWRP with

Heimdall or Ordin3.09

Odin (egg Windows)

  1. Device COM3 connection OK? If not you need the driver of your brand!
  2. Device Added!
  3. switch off  ‘Auto Reboot’
  4. switch on F. Reset Time
  5. Load Twrp-3.2.3-0-klte.img.tar into AP Section
  6. Press Start button
  7. when the Screen is turning off press and hold your device specific recovery boot buttons immediately  (TWRP is only temporary)
  8. waiting for TWRP recovery boot
  9. Wipe Data, System, Cash, Dalvik-Cash – Wipe everything
  10. Flashing / install latest LineageOS of your well prepared micro SD or USB Stick – select “add more zip files” or
    1. Flashing / install Magisk of your dedicated element
  11. reboot the phone

Thanks to bunch of developers there can be an enhanced security with Magisk, Riru, Edxposed and XprivacyLua


Magisk decribes it’s self as – The Universal Systemless Interface, to create an altered mask of the system without changing the system itself.


Go to download section and get Riru Core and Edexposed

Riru is a workaround for the actual Android ‘Pie’ to get Xposed Modules running. Until Oreo the Xposed Module of Rovo69 where running, and now go to find XprivacyLua, in the meanwhile go to the proprietary app options and deactivate system wide data or wifi connection and other authorizations like Storage, Phone, it’s not bad the system security but not far enough –

Fdroid instead of Google Play

Download, install and update package sources.

Download AFWall and Adaway

Allow specific access of Apps to the Internet, and add block list or host to block to your Adaway DNS blocker.

and check out that

Nextcloud instead of Google or Apple cloud

follow up for the Arch linux how to, or check if could use your old laptop and put a Ubuntu Docker Nextcloud ‘auto everything’ solution on it.

install Arch Linux and LAMP

click title for howtows

# pacman -S nextcloud nextcloud-app-bookmarks nextcloud-app-calendar nextcloud-app-contacts nextcloud-app-deck nextcloud-app-news nextcloud-app-mail nextcloud-app-spreed nextcloud-app-tasks

You’ll need apcu redis php-redis and some more…

follow up..