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All my lifetime I’ve been a creative character, raised in Steglitz in a “patchwork-” family with seven siblings I was able to find my really own way to come into contact with the materials.solarpower galaxy s5

I grew up in Berlin, and in Waldorf-School I was basically good educated in art and being creative. Its gave me many ways to find expression in creativity with materials and bodywork. When I was 17 I got my first PC and from the very first moment on, I had a question “What is behind?”, I was interested in many different directions of Software, from audio composing to 3D animations. In beginning of 2000 I tested mostly every direction you can work with this tool, since 2004 I’m in love to open source systems and shell, for reasons of design I’m forced to use mac too. You can order me as IT Systemadministrator, Webdesigner, and Digital- / Video- Designer so called “Creative” and a guy full of ideas…