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system administrator, it security consultant

ESS Energy & Sales Services GmbH


since 2018

Rebeam GmbH

rebeam logo

IT Systemadministation, Onwcloud and technical assistance for Rebeam

eclipse e.V.

eclipse logo
Voluntary IT-Care


neeeu GmbHFull Server hard- and soft- setup of Nextcloud 12 installation for neeeu GmbH

Werkstatttraum e.V.


Website, IT support and technical assistance for

Werkstatttraum e.V. since 2015

Naturheilpraxis Felicitas Goehde

felicitas goehde
Webseite and Design

Hestia e.V.

Hestia e.V

Zuflucht Beratung Wohnungen für Frauen

IT support

Heilpraktikerin Oda Roznowski

Oda Roznowski
Webseite Design and IT-support,
Heilpraktikerin Oda Roznowski.

Musikschule für Musikimalltag


Website and IT-support, Musikschule Musikimalltag.

Osteopathie Ruth Krämer

Ruth Krämer

Website and IT-support, Osteopathie Ruth Krämer.

BSI Schwarzenbek

bsi schwarzenbekInstallation of an Zarafa groupware open-source exchange solution

AG Phyto


not existent anymore …

Website and IT-support,


IT Support with X-Forwarding system and Clients in 2006-2009