Month: October 2016

VJing @ ttt werkstatttraum e.V. “Fettte Fêttte”

fettte fêttte @ werkstatttraum e.V. from carlos nikolaus on Vimeo.

Vjing @ Haubentaucher Berlin while Art Week

Carlos Nikolaus Krämer & Mahir Dunman VJing while Berlin Art Week at Haubentaucher

#carlosnikolaus and #bencanitin #visusals #vj @#haubentaucher #berlin #artweek #berlinartweek

Ein von carlos nikolaus (@carlosnikolaus) gepostetes Video am

Berlin Artweek @Haubentaucher

#carlosnikolaus and #bencanitin #visusals #vj @ #haubentaucher #berlin #artweek #berlinartweekin von carlos nikolaus (@carlosnikolaus) gepostetes Video am

hp laserjet pro m1132 arch linux

☕ hp laserjet pro m1132 arch linux installation

Do you have already yaourt? here is my howto.


$ yaourt -S foo2zjs

change md5sums to (date 9.07.2015):


$ sudo pacman -Suy hplip cups cups-filters 

Maybe you want to scan aswell then install Sane and its components!

$ sudo pacman -Suy sane

It will give you a note like this:

# If you want to use this driver with sane:
# echo "hpaio" >> /etc/sane.d/dll.conf

Now you can start the setup with:

$ sudo hp-setup -i

Follow the instructions:

  1. choose 0 for usb connection
  2. and so on
  3. if you need the .ppd