Carlos Nikolaus Krämer

I’m a system administrator, it specialist, consultant, web- digital designer and crative.

I worked since 2006 in the front- and backend of systems, and in different berliner facilities.

My work on information technologies:

informaton technologies & system administration development & programming
  • fixing your notebook, pc
  • design your webpage
  • host your own private or business cloud or webapplication
  • rescuring datas from storages
  • software integration
  • server- / web- administration
  • HTML & CSS
  • PHP
  • Shell scripting
  • C
  • Python

up to…

visual & digital design print media and analogue technologies
  • mapped video content
    • buildings
    • trees
    • wehre ever the light comes thought
  • video-projections (Beamer), dia-projections, overhead-pojections,
  • techical & scintifical visualisations
  • photograpy analogue & digital
  • business cards
  • flyer
  • poster
  • sticker
  • light

You are welcome to have a look on my digital design & it-design & it-speciallist

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Silverster EDEKA rave cat visuals by Carlos Nikolaus, light by Herz&Leber from carlos nikolaus on Vimeo. Live Wifi Visualisation DigitalMirror holographic from carlos nikolaus on Vimeo.