Carlos Nikolaus Krämer

I’m a system administrator, it specialist, security consultant, web- and digital designer.

My work is between fixing your notebook, design your webpage, buissiness cards or rescuring datas from storages, software integration, server administration, building firewalls and what ever a system administrator are doing…

up to…

visual content mapped on walls buildings or what ever could be mapped with projectors, video installations and technical & scinetific visualisations.


If you want to host your private or business data or webapplication on your own system and hardware.

I’ll be the right one to help out with all the needed softwarte, hardware and infrastructure –

I worked since 2006 in the backend of it-systems, and worked in different local berliner facilities.

☆☆☆☆ Next show on PAVA Festival 16.12.2017☆☆☆☆

carloscomputer DigitalMirror: Live wifi access visualisation of wifi-datas sorted by channel .



You are welcome to have a look on my digital design & it-design & it-speciallist

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